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A Welcoming Palm by XCrazyFlyinAcesX A Welcoming Palm :iconxcrazyflyinacesx:XCrazyFlyinAcesX 15 8 Pocket Watcher by XCrazyFlyinAcesX Pocket Watcher :iconxcrazyflyinacesx:XCrazyFlyinAcesX 15 4 Secret Santa 2016 by XCrazyFlyinAcesX Secret Santa 2016 :iconxcrazyflyinacesx:XCrazyFlyinAcesX 7 13 Just Desert by XCrazyFlyinAcesX Just Desert :iconxcrazyflyinacesx:XCrazyFlyinAcesX 3 8 ArtvsArtist Meme Thingy by XCrazyFlyinAcesX ArtvsArtist Meme Thingy :iconxcrazyflyinacesx:XCrazyFlyinAcesX 6 9 Boof by XCrazyFlyinAcesX Boof :iconxcrazyflyinacesx:XCrazyFlyinAcesX 3 13 Secret Santa-2015 by XCrazyFlyinAcesX Secret Santa-2015 :iconxcrazyflyinacesx:XCrazyFlyinAcesX 9 10 Pen Challenge by XCrazyFlyinAcesX Pen Challenge :iconxcrazyflyinacesx:XCrazyFlyinAcesX 7 16 Shine 2015 by XCrazyFlyinAcesX Shine 2015 :iconxcrazyflyinacesx:XCrazyFlyinAcesX 6 3 Stocking Stuffers - SS 2014 by XCrazyFlyinAcesX Stocking Stuffers - SS 2014 :iconxcrazyflyinacesx:XCrazyFlyinAcesX 35 16
Waking up in the Dreamscape (rp prompt)
It seemed like a good idea at the time.  A practically foolproof way to make some quick cash without resorting to any illegal means.  The institute across town had been looking for volunteers to help test their latest achievement in sleep medicine.  They called it a 'Dream Pill', a sure-fire way to coax your body into a deep, restful sleep by producing pleasant dreams for the user.  The researchers guarantee you an experience that will practically 'TELEPORT' your subconscious away from the stresses of modern times, where you'll have a truly out-of-this-world experience!  Offering 10 grand to each participant willing to try the pill out for a whole 2 weeks, how could you say no?!  All you had to do was sleep, fill out a survey, and stay in their sleep lab so they could monitor you.  Paid to dream, free room and board included?!  It sounded too good to be true!
...and it was.  In your excitement, you failed to read the fine print of the disclo
:iconxcrazyflyinacesx:XCrazyFlyinAcesX 7 40
Tide Pool by XCrazyFlyinAcesX Tide Pool :iconxcrazyflyinacesx:XCrazyFlyinAcesX 21 18 Tales of The Tide by XCrazyFlyinAcesX Tales of The Tide :iconxcrazyflyinacesx:XCrazyFlyinAcesX 3 0 Tablet Mini-Guardian by XCrazyFlyinAcesX Tablet Mini-Guardian :iconxcrazyflyinacesx:XCrazyFlyinAcesX 13 6
Caged No More: Blood
Blood. She smelled blood.
The gun had fired, the echoing vibrations from the large firearm still reverberated through Robin's chest as a mere after-thought.  Even so, there was nothing but silence in the air.  She couldn't even hear her own heartbeat anymore.  For one who had lost the gift of sight, the deafening silence only served to further her concerns.
The scaly green tail that held her up in the air, still wrapped up around her waist, tightened for a brief moment...twitched slightly...and then relaxed around her.  The tiny slowly felt gravity's pull again as the muscle's grip on her loosened.  She panicked.
"H-Hey!...!?" She stammered out in worry as she tightened her grip on his tail, her quivering voice echoing in her ears through the silence.  What was going on!?  The gun...she was fine...but...had he...?
Small hands gripped tightly at the scales, keeping hold just as the tail completely relaxed and dropped down, sending her staggering
:iconxcrazyflyinacesx:XCrazyFlyinAcesX 19 7
Caged No More: Movement
Movement; that was the first thing Robin felt that early morning, the rocking of her cage jarring her from her sleep.  Her immediate reaction was to reach out for the bars for stability, but she was startled to find her arms pinned down to her side by some warm, leathery surface.  Fingers.  A hand.  Who was there?!  Panicking, Robin began to tremble, her heart beating so fast, so loud, it nearly leapt right out of her chest.  It was the humans!  Th-They’d come to take her away like they did her friends so long ago!!  She opened her mouth and let out a panicked shriek.
Almost immediately, the hand around her released and withdrew, plopping the poor girl back down onto the cage floor.  The young tiny continued to scream, scrambling back away from the cage door and reaching out blindly for the bars.
“SHHHHH!” A voice hissed out through the darkness.  “Bloody hell!  How can something so small scream so loud!
:iconxcrazyflyinacesx:XCrazyFlyinAcesX 19 25
Thar be G/T here ^.^



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United States
G/T artist

Hiya! Nice to meet ya! I'm XCrazyFlyinAcesX (But you can call me Ace :XD:)

Height: 88 3/4 Feet tall
Species: Leopard-spotted Pantaur
Favorite thing to eat: STEAK!!!! NOMNOMNOMNOM
Favorite thing to drink: Several gallons of hot apple cider X3

:bulletblue:My main interest is G/T (only clean and gentle...and yeah, I like GTS too in case you were wondering) So pretty much everything in my gallery is G/T related somehow, so if that genre isn't for you, this is the wrong place to be ^.^

:bulletblue: If I fav or watch you, that means that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE your art, writing or whatever it is you do! :aww: :icondragontailfaster:


Rice up against hunger


Don't think I've given a proper explanation yet as to why I've been so MIA (for the billionth time xD).  Finished college in May and got certified to teach in my home state. Now I'm pushing through grad courses to earn a Masters of Arts in Teaching ^u^ 


Feature for a Feature

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 12, 2017, 2:39 PM
My activity on here has been super HEEEEY! How's it going, all!? Let's share a few features among friends! ^^

Here be da rules:

The first fifteen people to comment on this journal, I will put their avatar and the three deviations I like the most from their gallery on the list! 

If you comment, you have to make a journal like this and do the same thing, putting me in the first spot.

The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone! If you don't re-do it you will be taken off the list. 

1) :iconkindii:  First encounter by Kindii Pocket!Kindii by Kindii Ball? by Kindii

2) :iconlilyflufflovenaga: Raptor Lily by LilyFluffLoveNaga Confuzzled by LilyFluffLoveNaga Happy dridder brother by LilyFluffLoveNaga

Butterfly Buddies~ by KcBarron2000 Quite Refined by KcBarron2000 Climbing Mount Donny~ by KcBarron2000

  • Listening to: Florence + the Machine
  • Reading: DA stories that I need to catch up on
  • Watching: the sunset
  • Eating: Grapes
  • Drinking: GREEN TEA

Tagged by Unfriendlywolfenemy

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 8, 2017, 11:43 AM
Er, I mean :iconfriendlyfoxpal:! :icongianthugplz: Haven't done one of these in forever, how could youuuuuu

Rules tag 8 6 people you want to know better

Name: Christine, but online I prefer the surname Ace, thank ya kindly ^^
Star Sign: Cancer!  CRAB PEOPLE UNITE!  Zodimotes - Cancer 

Average hours of sleep:  Mmm, if we're taking into account the hours within 24 hours and not just what I get at night (gotta include catnaps and all that) I'd say around 9 hours ^u^
Lucky number: 12. It's the year I graduated high school, the year that hosts my earliest memories, and for some reason my winning number whenever I pick that booth for whack-a-mole carnival games.

Last thing I googled: "Bowtie Cinema Sing Showtimes" ...I heard it was a surprisingly good movie, mkay?  So what if I initially thought it was a Zootopia rip-off, I can change my mind, can't I?! >.>;

When I started the account:  Oct 23rd, 2011.  Almost 5 years ;u; Funny story, I sorta skulked around the GT side of DA for a year or so prior. Only made an account because some folks only made their content available to users ;A; Those scoundrels, bringing me out of hiding!  

Amount of Watchers:
146!  Woah, I didn't realize that I had passed 100 o3o dat's pretty sweet, thanks guys!

What do I post? GT art, GT writing, and a few occasional goofy doodles that make me giggle >u<

Do I run any more blogs?: Recently I did jumpstart a GT blog on tumblr at TallTails Was a little skeptical about it at first on account of all the shit-posting hilarity that tumblr is known for, buuut now I'm more active there than on here :) Found old friends from here to follow, new friends that are quite talented in both art and writing, and even found a way for me to regularly add to the gt community without trying to make a broken tablet work xD I now dole out friendly advice for folks of all sizes through asks and regularly post up Tips for Tinies and Guidelines for Giants ^u^ Helps to spark up conversation, ya know?  It's been a ton of fun so far!

Do I get a lot of comments? As I haven't posted regularly in a long while, no. Nor have I given out comments with the number of deviations that pile up with each prolonged absence ;n; Not sure if they'd be welcomed either especially if they're fairly old pieces of art. I at least try to fav and support my friends!

Why did I choose my Username? I...can't recall to be honest. I know I was initially inspired to put the 'x's' in front and behind by :iconxflyskyhighx: (because they were one of the deviants that I idolized :3 ) But the rest?  Dunno. I enjoy daydreaming about flying, I'm a bit crazy, and Ace seemed like a fun name to slap on the end of it ^^

The End

Now I taaaag...people that I hope haven't done this before?  :iconlisagreywood::iconbethelina::iconbiali::iconfeatherpantsd::iconthetinyinumason::iconlilyflufflovenaga::iconmicronekogirlpur: aaaaaand I can't find anyone else who hasn't already been tagged -u-; 

  • Listening to: Florence + the Machine
  • Reading: DA stories that I need to catch up on
  • Watching: the sunset
  • Eating: Grapes
  • Drinking: GREEN TEA
A Welcoming Palm
What is this sound? It rings so clearly in the dark.

Such a lonesome cry. Now it just simply won’t do.

Curled up tight, tense ball,
hidden among the tall blades of grass
Little one, this is where I will find you. 

Even kneeling down beside your form, your heart races. 

I can see you tremble and shake.

You don’t know me,

and I don’t know you.

A fearful judgement is what you make.

No one said it would be easy to be out in the world alone, 

particularly for someone of your size on such a cold night.

Trust that I don’t wish to add to your woes.

I’m no danger.

I’ve come to aid you in your plight. 

How many others have passed you by, feigning ignorance?

Were they truly naive to your red, teary eyes?

Maybe they don’t see you?

Perhaps they cannot hear you?

Did you reach out, or was it only luck that I caught such faint cries?

You feel wronged by the world.

Were these feelings been swallowed down?  Bottled up inside?

Broken dreams?

Empty promises?

They bring about a pain that one can’t hide. 

A welcoming palm stretches out in the grass before you.

It’s understandable that, at first, you’d quiver.

I mean only to lift you up.

To cup you close.

To listen to the thoughts of a wounded dreamer.

No chance that I’m leaving you alone in such a state, Little One.

You need a friend to see this through.

Open up, trust in me.

Help me to understand.

For even the biggest of hearts have been there too.
Pocket Watcher
Totally forgot to upload this yesterday -u-; 
Saw this article that talked about how that extra-tiny pocket in jeans was originally meant to hold pocket watches back in yonder days of cowboys and gentlemen.  
Tiny Pocket? by XCrazyFlyinAcesX

...I think it's safe to say we all know what they were really for...
Also check out my new signature!  Imma be adding it to the other stuff on here asap.  Ain't it cute? :3

MOVIE STREAM! Weds, 5/25/16 @ 9pm est. It's been a while since I've hosted one! They're so much fun, let's do it! Whaddya wanna watch?! 

8 deviants said GT Nonsesne! (BFG, Indian in the Cupboard, Chicken Run (I only count because they're kinda smol compared to the farmers and their objects >U<))
6 deviants said Something Ghibli (Spirited Away, Naussica, Howl's Moving Castle)
4 deviants said Something Disney (Wreck-it-Ralph, Mary Poppins, Holes)
1 deviant said Nothing! This date doesn't work for me! :(
No deviants said Something Serious (Back-to-the-future Triology, Red, Fantastic Mr. Fox)
No deviants said Other (comment and I'll see if I have it!)



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